How to Run a Background Check Using a Phone Number

Running an online background check by phone number is a good way to check out the profile and background of someone you need to interact with – or to figure out who’s calling you. This could be for any reason. Perhaps you’re buying or selling something, or even going on a date!

The fact is that to run a background check with a phone number is easy. All you need is a landline number, and you are good to go. Our tool does this for you, and this short video below shows you how:

The “Background” to Reverse Phone Search

While many instant online people search companies provide background checks, you generally need to know at least the name and the state of residence of the person you’re checking.

However, of course, sometimes, there are situations where you don’t have any of this, or you might have some of the information (i.e. a name) but you want to verify further information.

Here are some examples of when you might want to run a phone check:

  • Someone has called you and keeps calling you, but you don’t recognize the number.
  • You want to know how to find someone’s address or you want to help find an address for someone else.
  • A supplier is coming to fix something in your house and you’d like to check that their contact details match the ones they give you (mistakes with construction companies and any other suppliers that might impact your home can be very costly).
  • You’re going on a date with someone and you’d like a bit of extra reassurance they are who they say they are
  • You want to check a phone number when dealing with someone over the phone or online, it’s not unusual to only be given the first name in these situations – and it’s also easy for people to give you a completely false name altogether.  

These are all situations when a background check using a phone number might prove extremely useful. Regardless of the situation, there’s an excellent chance you will have a phone number for the person – either a number they’ve provided or from your own caller ID from their phone call.

In a situation where they’ve provided the number, simply ensure that it’s correct by giving them a call using whatever pretext you’d like – to confirm a date, confirm a meeting time, etc. Then you can go to work on your background check!

However, we also need to proceed with caution and look at the different aspects of this subject. So let’s take a deeper dive into why or why not you just run this sort of check, the legal implications, and other factors that you may not have thought of.

Running Background Checks Using A Phone Number

As I have described above, running a check on a person (or a business) using a phone number can have a multitude of uses. Let’s now examine some of the key aspects of this process:

What is this process actually called?

This is called Reverse Phone Search. Essentially it does exactly what it says it does. It uses the phone number you enter to locate the “owner” of that phone number, and from there (as you’ll also have the location) you can run a further search to get incredible amounts of detail on the person you are checking out.

What Information will you receive?

You will receive the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Location
  • Any aliases
  • Prior Locations
  • Suggestions of relatives
  • Any Additional contact information
Run a Background Check Using a Phone Number

But this does not end there! You then have all the information you need to conduct a full background check if you so wish.

What other information can I get from a Background Check?

A full background check can include the following information, including most importantly how to find someone’s address:

  • Personal Details including:
  • Age
  • email addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Family Members
  • Associates
  • Professional Licences
  • Work & Business History
  • Relationship History
  • Marriage & Divorce History
  • Criminal Records
  • Current and previous Cities and States Dwelled

Essentially all the information you would expect from a leading supplier of public records.

How easy is a phone search to do?

Very easy. You literally only just need the phone number (either a land line or cell phone number).

What is the cost?

Here’s the confirmation of a current special offer, and the information you receive:

Run a Background Check Using a Phone Number

How Quickly will you receive this information?

This is super easy and quick. The average time to get results from a background check by phone number is under 3 minutes.

Is a Background Check by Phone Number Legal?

Yes – starting with a reverse phone number search, it is completely legal. A reverse phone number check is just a different way of using a phone directory – except instead of searching for a phone number by name, you are searching for a name by phone number. A background check by phone number is just one further step.

A background check by phone number is just one further step. Using the name and basic details available from a reverse phone number search, a background check can be made. All the details from a phone number background check are public records. So, as long as you aren’t using the information for unapproved or illegal purposes – it’s perfectly legal to view them. All phone number background checks are also anonymous.

Are there other ways to use a Phone Number to run a check on someone?

Of course. People frequently add their phone numbers to their social profiles. A quick search on Facebook, for example, and you might find the person behind the phone number. Google is also a great resource – a quick search of a phone number and you may be able to find quite a lot of information. Even if the details don’t tell you everything, they can definitely help you run your background check.

Other sites that might be useful include LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many others. But if you’re looking for instant results, it’s inexpensive to run a search using our phone number background check. You can get started below!

Why can you trust us?

You can trust for a number of reasons. Firstly, we’ve been in business for over 20 years and over 1 million searches have been run on USATrace for background checks, reverse phone number checks, and more.

Secondly, we have an exclusive partnership with one of the top 3 public records companies in the USA spanning billions of records that are updated daily. This information is pooled from government sources, licensed data providers, and other verified public records. We just combine and process them in such a way as to make it useful for you at the lowest price available.

Are you ready to run a search?

Simply entering a phone number, you can get not only the full name of the person associated with it and their address but if you desire, also criminal records, marriage/divorce records and much more, as mentioned above.

The results are instant and your search is completely anonymous – you can even start a free search below:

Through our partnership with, you'll receive Industry-Leading data by combining over 43 Billion Verified Public Records giving you the most comprehensive Background, Criminal, People, Marriage and Divorce Checks available Online. We receive income from our partnerships.

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