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How To Run A Criminal Background Check with

Running a Criminal Background Check with couldn’t be easier. All of the information you need will be shown to you before any commitment is required. You don’t even need an email address! Why not run a criminal background search now? Further Resources – Criminal Background Checks (Opens in new tab) Free Criminal Background Checks Read more about How To Run A Criminal Background Check with[…]

How to Run Inmate Searches

Inmate Searches The Freedom of Information Act (5 USC 552) and the Privacy Act of 1974 (5 USC 552a) authorize the release of certain information about Federal inmates to any member of the general public requesting inmate searches. This includes information such as name, age, and registration number as well as sentencing and confinement data Read more about How to Run Inmate Searches[…]

What is a Skip Trace?

A skip trace (or skiptrace) typically refers to the process of finding the location of someone – usually with the implication that the person does not want to be found. While a skip trace is most readily associated with law enforcement, it’s possible to run your own skip trace by…

How Can I Get a Criminal Background Check for FREE?

One of the most most common questions we hear is from people wondering how to get a free criminal background check. While it is possible to get criminal background information for free, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

How to Search Criminal Records for Free

One question we often get is how to get criminal records for free. While difficult, it is sometimes possible depending on the type of criminal record you’re looking for – and where that record is stored. Criminal records are sometimes public records, but…

Free Criminal Background Checks

While, some background check information is free and a complete criminal background check can be run quick in a hassle-free, it’s rare to be able to procure a complete background check for completely free – and certainly not in a hassle-free way. Fortunately,…

Can people finder websites help with employee screening?

It really depends on which people finder websites you’re looking at. The most prominent people finder websites are instant search public records companies that aggregate and database both government and private company data as well as information gleaned from scouring the web.

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