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What kind of Information do People Finder websites provide?

Question: My son wants to sleep over at his friend’s house, but I don’t know his friend’s parents very well. How much information would people finder websites give me?

Answer: As a parent, it’s perfectly reasonable to want to ensure your children are going to be safe when they’re under someone else’s care. However, sometimes it’s not possible to cultivate relationships with the parents of all your children’s friends to the point where you’re completely confident that your child will be in good hands.  You also might not want to risk offending someone by asking pointed questions about your concerns.

People Finder websites provideWhen you’re trying to find the balance between keeping your child safe and going overboard, people finder websites can be an incredible resource. Though the name might suggest otherwise, people finder websites do more than just find people.

They are often capable of providing up to thirty different categories of information, including a nationwide criminal record check, a sex offender check, and many other areas that might be of interest.

In addition, most people finder websites offer options to run a social media search on the parent(s)/guardians you’re researching, which include dozens of social media sites that you might not even be aware exist.  Sure, you can check a person’s Facebook or Instagram profiles, but those are often carefully curated and likely won’t give you the complete picture.

In addition, people finder websites have the capability to run a search based for the address itself so you can learn who else – aside from the friend’s parents – are associated with it. Maybe there’s an uncle or extended relative living there that you don’t know about who bears some investigation – people finder websites can let you know.  Plus, your searches are completely confidential, so you don’t have to worry about the people you’re researching finding out about your informal investigation.

People Finder websites provideA comprehensive background report from the premier people finder websites typically cost around $10 – a bargain for your peace of mind. You can also sign up for unlimited searches so you can check everyone over 18 living the household (aunts & uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc.) for one low cost.

The worst case scenario (or best, depending on your perspective) is that you find out you were worried needlessly and you can sleep easy.

Bottom Line: If you’re worried about the families of your child’s friends, people finder websites have got you covered with criminal info and much more.

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