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This website exists to help you find people, conduct searches that you may not otherwise be able to do, and has various other tools like reverse phone search available. We hope you find this useful. This page gives an overview of what to expect on this website and where to find important information.

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Why do people want to run searches?

There are many reasons people want to run searches and background checks. These include:

  • Finding lost friends and relatives
  • Chasing people who owe them money
  • Running background checks on employees or job candidates
  • Finding out who called them with reverse phone number search
  • Running a search on deceased individuals
  • Running a criminal background check to see if people have criminal records
  • Running a search for employment verification to check employment background
  • Complementing reference checks for a hiring decision
  • Background screening for important roles

What are the different types of searches and services you provide?

There are many different types of searches we provide, for different uses. Here we highlight some of the the main types, with links to the appropriate articles.

SSN Search

SSN Search

SSN Search or more fully, social security number search uses a person’s SSN to perform a social security record search. This is very powerful. The reason it’s so powerful is that a social security number is used in many different ‘official’ situations. To claim social security benefits, for example, you obviously need your social security number. However, it does not end there.

Here are some examples of where a social security number is used to identify a person:

  • Employment
  • Job application screening
  • Criminal records
  • Background checks online
  • Social Security Administration SSA
  • A person’s driving record

And of course many other situations. So if you have a social security number, this is a very powerful way of running a search / background check. You can verify a social security number here.

You can find all our articles on SSN Search here. and you can read about the history of SSN Search here.

people search

Finding People Online

There are many reasons to want to find people. In the mobile, international world of 2019 people often move around: be it for work, marriage or whatever the reason. Because of this people lose touch with one another. Our people search website makes it extremely easy to find people. All you need is their first name, surname and last known state. Our search engine will bring up free initial results, so you don’t pay a thing until you know you’ve found the right person. Your report will contain a wealth of information. Much more than simply looking at social media accounts or running a search with a site which offers so called ‘background checks for free’. We will show you complete contact information. This will include phone numbers, email addresses, residential addresses, relatives etc. You can try a search on yourself and you might be amazed at the results that come up. Remember the preliminary results are free.

Find our articles on finding people in the USA under our People Search section here. This article might be particularly useful.

background checks

Background Checks

Background checks are an extremely important part of our business. There are many reasons to run a background check, be it for employment purposes, or any other reason, the background checks from USA Trace compile literally billions of data points to provide a detailed report on someone. This report often runs to 100s of pages long, and is a complete report including (but not limited to):

  • Name (or names)
  • Addresses
  • Email Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Criminal Records
  • Property Ownership
  • Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Employment History
  • etc

Our background checks are some of these most comprehensive in the people finder industry, and you will not be disappointed with the information your receive. We get regular feedback from clients who are delighted with the information they receive.

Further information about background checks can be found here.

Marriage, Divorce & Dating Checks

In 2019 many people want to know more information about people before they commit to marry someone. It may be a sad fact, but the divorce rate is higher than ever. See this article in USA Today for an interesting read on that topic. Indeed it is said that 40-50% of marriages end in divorce in the USA. Therefore, many people appreciate that there is now a tool to run a check on this matter. These reports contain information including previous marriages and personal status. It is very important to know if someone has a former life, or indeed a former family. This article ‘How to find out if someone’s married‘ might be a useful start. Or read about how to find out if someone’s divorced.

Other reasons that you might want to run a search include when people are dating. It would be extremely useful information to know if the person you are dating has criminal convictions or other important information that might influence your decision about whether or not to pursue the union.

You can read all our articles about Marriage, Divorce & Dating here.

reverse phone checks

Reverse Phone Number Search

Increasingly we are bombarded with missed phone calls, unknown phone calls and quite often it is useful too be able to look up a phone number. We have an amazing tool for this. It’s called reverse phone search, and for an extremely inexpensive price (almost for free!) we can show you exactly who has called. Please click here to discover reverse phone search.


criminal record checks

Criminal Records Searches

Many people choose to use our search services to check criminal records. This can be extremely important for many reasons. This article on inmate searches might be useful or for complete articles about criminal record searches please follow this link or read this article.

We hope you find this website really useful. If you have any comments you are welcome to contact us here, and we’d be delighted to here from you.