What will I get with a USA people search by address?

The last 10-years have seen an explosion in both the availability of information and the speed in which it can be accessed.  Not only is the information out there, but public record search companies – using advanced and constantly evolving algorithms – are able to link information together in ways that even professional investigators couldn’t do 20-years ago.

In the past, you might have tried to run a people search by address and get one dated, redacted white page listing and a partial phone number. Now, a USA people search with just a last known city and state can yield not only a current address, but an address history, full associated phone numbers, and much, much more.  You can even start a free background check search right here – check below!

property ownershipHow is this possible?  In the 90’s, with the internet still in its infancy, an investigator trying to answer the question of how to trace people, started compiling information from courthouses from all across the US.

As his database grew – as well as his company – he leased the public records information to other companies who improved on it and combined it with other available public information, such as credit bureau headers, voter registrations, assessor records, civil court filings, bankruptcy filings, property ownership, information, corporate filings, mailing lists and many others as part of a comprehensive USA people trace.

USATrace.com, in fact, was one of the first internet based investigative/people finder companies. The industry has continued to become more advanced and the result is that if you’re trying to run a people search of any kind – even with somewhat limited information, such as an old address (or even just a city and state) – you can get a dazzling array of information.

Generally, to do a people search by address with one of the premium search companies, all you really need is a full name and a known state of residence. Some people search companies charge $39-49 for reports, which is a great deal when you consider that one public records request at one courthouse can sometimes cost $100 or more (sometimes even if they don’t find any information) – and that’s if you even know where to begin.

Many courthouses also require you to make your request in person.  Any professional investigator will tell you that the ability to access resources from ALL available courthouses almost instantly – and from the comfort of your own home or office – is both remarkable and a bargain at less than $50.  Plus, unlike running formal credit reports, your subject will never be notified of your USA people search, keeping your interest completely private.

But the great news is that – through our partner company – you can get an instant background report, including criminal records, starting at $9.95 for a limited time!  It’s a truly unbeatable deal – and you can start your search below.

Why would you run a USA people search? Well, it’s definitely the most reliable address finder around if you’re trying to reconnect with a lost friend or relative. You’ll typically even get phone numbers with your trace, so you can get in touch even more easily. Not only will you get address and phone number histories, you may also get Judgments, Liens, or Bankruptcies on your subject (when available) as well as Professional Licenses, Voter Registration information, and much more.

hundreds of dollarsAgain, even today, a lawyer or private investigator would likely charge you hundreds of dollars to perform a similar USA people search that provides you with virtually the same results.  The best part is – even using a name alone – you’ll usually get enough preview information from USA Trace to confidently select the correct person for the search to be performed on.

If you don’t have a lot of subject details, a lawyer or PI may come up empty or provide you with non-relevant information (which you still have to pay for). Plus, even if you need a much deeper search for a legal purpose or if you’re trying to uncover non-public information, a public records search can give you a ton of valuable information you can use as a springboard for a more comprehensive investigation.

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