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What kind of Information do People Finder websites provide?

Though the name might suggest otherwise, people finder websites do more than just find people. They are often capable of providing up to thirty different categories of information, including a nationwide criminal record check, a sex offender check, and…

lost relatives

Can people finder websites help me to find lost relatives?

Absolutely! Whether you’re tracking down long lost relatives or recently estranged family members, people finder websites can get tons of valuable information – not the least of which being a current address and phone number.

Can people finder websites help with employee screening?

It really depends on which people finder websites you’re looking at. The most prominent people finder websites are instant search public records companies that aggregate and database both government and private company data as well as information gleaned from scouring the web.


Can People Finder Websites Save Money?

In the Google age, when you can run a free, instant search for information on just about every subject, $30-50 can seem like a lot for a 1-2 page social security number search or people search report. Here’s how you can get it for next to nothing (and why it’s worth it).