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USA Trace SSN Verification is a free SSN search tool that provides SSN validation, including the state of issuance and year (or year range) of issuance for social security numbers issued between 1936 and June 25, 2011. For an SSN Trace, start below:







Our free SSN Verification tool is for informational purposes only – misuse of our SSN verification and validation tool is strictly prohibited.

Looking to verify a social security number?  Our SSN validator allows you to verify that a social security number is valid based.  Until 2011, the Social Security Administration issued social security numbers based on location at the year of issue.  These SSN tables were published public records, which have been compiled for easy searching.

What can I do with an SSN Validation?

An SSN Validation is useful for determining if a particular SSN is likely to have been issued by the Social Security Administration.  The structure of social security numbers was normal and predictable until 2011.  States were given a number range to work and the year of issue fills in another part of the SSN.  The year of issue is usually the year of birth, so a social security validation might also help to verify someone’s age.

If you can’t remember your own social security number (or you think you might have a couple of numbers mixes up), an SSN verification tool may be able to help.  Similarly, if you have a few social security numbers written down for different family members – such as parents or grandparents – and you’re not sure which one is which, the issuance year given from a social security validation can help.

What are the limitations of an SSN Validator?

The USA Trace SSN Verification tool – and other tools like it – do not match a social security number with a name.  They only confirm that a particular SSN is valid.  Social security number issue dates are not exact and sometimes give a year range rather than exact year of birth.  Persons born overseas or who became US citizens later in life will also not have received their number at birth.  Regarding the state of issue, a US person born overseas would be issued an SSN from a state corresponding to a parent.

Free SSN verifications cannot be used for official purposes.  If you’re an employer or landlord, you cannot use the information from a free SSN validation for employment or renting decisions.  Likewise, instant social security number validations can’t be used for credit/lending decisions.  A verification will not help you find someone with a social security number nor do they provide you with any other background check information.  There is also no way to perform a social security lookup (i.e. to enter a name and get a social security number back).

Where can I get an official SSN Verification?

An SSN Verification for official purposes – for hiring, leasing, etc. – can be conducted with an FCRA accredited credit reporting agency.  If you are trying to find your own social security security number, visit your local Social Security Administration office and they will be able to assist you.

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