Can I run a USA People Search for someone who’s under 18?

Question: Can I search for someone who is under 18 using a People Search Wesbite?

Answer:  The short answer is no – you probably can’t directly run a USA People Search on someone under 18. Even lawyers and private investigators are likely to be unable to assist with locating them directly. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t potentially locate someone under 18 – and an online background check or people search service can probably help.

search for someone who is under 18People finder websites compile most of their information from public records – including county criminal records, professional and business licenses, driving records, voter registrations, marriage licenses, etc.  Added to this is information from credit headers – which is the personal identifying information portion of the credit reporting agency reports that companies use to determine whether they want to extend you credit.

People finder websites supplement all this with additional information databases they purchase/lease from other businesses, survey companies, and a host of other data gathering sources to compile the results you get when you run a USA people search.

As you may have figured out, the amount of that kind of information that’s likely out there about someone under 18 is going to be extremely limited (if not completely non-existent). So, even if people finder websites permitted it, there would be little – if any – information available.

People finder websites do not, however, allow you to run a USA people search for subjects that are under 18 due to legal and moral considerations.

That said, if you are a concerned parent/relative/friend, it may still be possible to run a USA people search to find them in a roundabout way.

The likely course of action that would be taken by a private detective would be to investigate other people associated with the underage subject. So, if you know (or suspect) who the underage person may be living with (or, at least, has spent time with recently), you can often put that information to your advantage. You may believe them to be with another relative, friend or guardian who is over 18, in which case you can run a search on that person to get a current address and contact number.

search for someone who is under 18Your search can also give you some valuable leads to explore, including information on their (past and present) neighbors and relatives who may be able to assist your search or provide valuable leads.

Many of the people finder websites offer a short-term subscription option that allows you to search unlimited people for a fixed fee, so you can run  search on any additional leads you get at no additional cost. You can start an instant people search for free below.

Bottom Line: You can’t run a USA people search on someone under 18, but you may still be able to use people finder websites to track them down if you have a legitimate reason to do so.

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