February 4, 2016

Nationwide Locator

Search billions of public records to locate the person you’re looking for nationwide with USA Trace.  With just a name and last known city and state – or a partial social security number – you can get instant results from federal, state and county records across the United States.  USA Trace nationwide locator searches are completely anonymous and include free preview results. Complete the form below to get started, then scroll down for results.

Start your SSN Search for free to get contact info, criminal records and more.

Find anyone in the USA. Search by name, last known city and state. Get phone, current address, criminal records & more.

Start your free phone number search here and find out who's calling . Reverse phone lookup includes unlisted numbers & cell phones .

How does it work?  USA Trace accesses hundreds of millions of people records that have been compiled from every courthouse and county office across the United States.  Address histories and phone records are linked to public records to provide not only the current location of the person you’re looking for, but also a complete background check.  The USA Trace Nationwide Locator won’t just tell you where someone is right now – it’ll also tell you where they’ve been and what they’ve been doing.

For nearly 20 years, USA Trace has helped thousands of clients locate and research people and we’re ready help you, too!