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July 7, 2017

US Marriage Records Online Directory

The USA Trace Marriage Records Online Directory can help you find marriage records for every state across the United States. You'll find links to internet marriage records as well as phone numbers and mailing addresses for ordering official copies of marriage records at the state, county and municipality level.

Whether you're checking to see if someone is married, checking to see if someone was married in the past, looking for historical marriage records or trying to compile a background check on someone, our marriage records directory can get you the information with just a few clicks.

Marriage records are public records in almost every case and are duly filed and recorded with a local government agency. Consequently, you can check marriage records with confidence by getting them directly from the official government source. Simply click on a state to begin or click on the list below.

Don't know where to start or looking for a national marriage record search? Try the marriage check below, which searches all public records available based on a name and last known state of residence.

Not only will it check for marriage records, but also divorce records, criminal records and more - instantly!

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