Is it possible to run a Free USA People Search?

Question: Is it possible to run a Free USA People Search?

Answer:  As with many of the questions we get, we can’t definitively say yes or no – only “it depends.”

Google, Bing and other search engines are tremendous repositories of information that are usually the most obvious places to start when trying to run a free USA people search.  By searching for a name and including some basic location information (i.e. John Smith, New York), you’re bound to get some free results that may give you what you need.

Results from digital white pages and similar listings can sometimes be all you need to complete your USA people search assuming the level of information you require is pretty minimal (i.e. a phone number) and provided the information is actually up to date (which is, unfortunately, not often the case).

The rise of social media – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. – as well as professional networking sites like LinkedIn can also provide people search information for people in the US and also provide avenues to make contact the people you’re trying to locate directly (if this is your ultimate goal).  However, as with the search engines, your mileage may vary in terms of the information available and often these methods may reveal to the subject that you’re conducting the search, which may be something you’re trying to avoid.  People are also increasingly opting to make their social media information private to avoid prying eyes, so many searches of this nature can be a dead end.

It’s most likely that – if you’re trying to get any depth of information on someone –you’d be better served using a people finder website to run your USA people search.

Almost always, people finder websites can use just a name and old address (or even just a last known City & State) to provide you with a current address, phone number and a host of other related public records, including criminal convictions, property records and more.

You might be thinking, well, what if I don’t have a past address?  That’s where a free Google or Bing search can help; even if they give you outdated information, people finder websites can fill in the blanks with even an old city & state of residence to give you all the up to date information you need to make your USA people search truly effective.  You can even start a people search below for free preview results to see how easy it is.

Bottom Line: A free USA people search is unlikely to get you far, but it can be used to give you a great starting point for premium people finder websites.

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