Investigators Kit

Learn How To Conduct Background Reports On Anyone Or Any Business Including:

  • Criminal Record checks at any Federal, State, or county levelCriminal
  • National Wanted and Warrant searches
  • Prison history searches in any state including current or previous incarcerations
  • Verify Social Security Numbers
  • Locating People
  • DMV Searches; Driving records, Vehicle plate searches, Vehicle Ownership
  • Worker Compensation filings
  • Obtain sources for Banking Information
  • Obtain sources for unlisted or non-published telephone numbers
  • Civil Records at the upper, lower or Federal level courts
  • Vital Records in any state; Birth, Death, Marriage, Divorce
  • Bankruptcies filings in all 50 states
  • UCC Filings from the secretary of state
  • Judgments, Liens, notice of default searches
  • Corporate filings
  • How to Collect finders Fees
  • Access Secret URL’S And Phone Numbers to Obtain “Inside Sources”

A) How to Use these public and private sources legally for profit as a “niche” business, which requires no special licensing, degrees, or schooling in virtually every state!

B) How you can make money and provide a valuable service to individuals and businesses for due diligence searches in the new Millennium

C) Who your potential clients will be and how to market your service to them

D) How to get started as soon as you receive your “kit” and be up and running within a few days

E) Sources to Contact Immediately to establish the Foundation for your new business

F) Provide You With FREE Custom Contracts, templates, and forms Designed Specifically For Your New Business

G) Show you how and where to get free software which you can use to run searches directly from your computer, to locate people and to conduct background investigations

H) Provide you details for every aspect of this type of business so you will be educated and feel confident when your up and running.

InvestigatorsIn the Investigators Kit I will reveal to you how I developed this business and turned it into an interesting and very profitable business almost overnight, which you can duplicate very easily since I have done all the work for you.

I have made hundreds of phone calls, surfed the Internet for thousands of hours, and made many mistakes to bring this business to what it is today and the business is still growing.

The Investigators Kit, will show you everything you need to get started (and keep you going) as a “Risk Management Consultant-Information Specialists” Conducting Due Diligence Searches, Background Reports, Locate People, Pre-Employment Screening, Skip Tracing. I will show you how to conduct all types of searches right from your own computer or fax machine for profit.


National Wants and Warrants
SSN Verifications
Personal Profiles
Criminal Records
Driving records
Judgments and liens
Corporate filings
many more…