How to Trace Phone Numbers for Free

Trace Phone Numbers For FreeCheck and trace phone numbers for free with us! Read on to find out how!

Have you ever been frustrated with a series of missed calls? It’s worse if you don’t recognize the number. But, there are a couple of things you can do to trace phone numbers for free. But if you can’t find it for free, we have an easy, extremely cost-effective solution. Read on below…….

1. Call the Number

Yes, this might seem pretty obvious, but the simplest solution is sometimes the best. Now, you might have very good reasons for not wanting to call a number yourself, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ask a friend to do it for you. Learn how to trace phone numbers for free with us.

If you’re concerned about the person you’re calling seeing your number (whether it’s your work or cell phone number), you could try a pay phone (if they’re available in your area) and there are also apps available that provide you with a “burner” cell phone number that’s separate from your regular number for a one-time fee.

Of course, every precaution and strategy doesn’t mean the person is going to identify themselves – or even answer their phone (though a voicemail message may lend a clue). Still, it’s worth a shot.

2. Google (or Bing) it

Surprisingly, many people forget about Google and Bing as a resource for a reverse phone number search.  Simply run a search for the phone number (you don’t even need parentheses or dashes – just the numbers) and see what pops up.  If that number has been used online at any time in any publicly available place – such as in a classified ad, online resume, etc. – you’ll at least get some information to go on.  Note: search engines will include online white pages in their searches, but you may want to check these separately.

Realistically, most people are wise enough not to leave their number floating around on the internet for anyone to find, but it will only take you a few seconds to check if you know how to trace phone numbers for free.

3. Social Media (i.e. Facebook)

free cell phone number TraceMany social media accounts either have the option to include phone numbers either as part of the public information or – more commonly – to allow people to search for you based on that phone number. The idea is that if someone has your phone number, they’re probably someone you wouldn’t mind being Facebook friends with.

Again, this method has its limitations: not everyone has Facebook and – for those that do – many don’t have their phone number associated with their account, so this may not help you make the connection. USA Trace lets you learn how to trace phone numbers for free.


The ability for trace phone numbers for free is great when it works out, but there are always limitations.  If none of these methods work for you – and if you really need to know – you can pay a nominal fee to have a number traced. You’ll get not only a name, but a current address and other public records information (marriage/divorce records, criminal records, etc.).  It’s instant, anonymous, completely legal and the only surefire way to get the information you’re looking for – and you can start a free search below!

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