How to search SSN Records

When trying to search SSN records, it’s important to keep in mind the type of information that will typically be available – or even to simply define what SSN records actually are.

social security numberA social security number is simply a 9-digit number assigned by the US government to US citizens and residents by the Social Security Administration.

Though the original intention of the SSN was literally to keep an account of individuals for administering Social Security, it has since become a national identification number that is used, not only by the federal government, but also local/state governments, credit agencies and other businesses.  As a result, there can be hundreds – or even thousands – of records associated with each social security number.

Not all of these SSN records (that is, the records associated with an SSN) are available to the public, but many – especially those in conjunction with state and local government – are public records.  Things like criminal records, marriage/divorce records, bankruptcies and liens, judgments, etc. can all be accessed if you know where to look and how to find them.

So, where do you find these SSN records?  Well, though it was never intended for social security numbers to become sensitive information, because they’re now so crucially linked with identity (and, consequently, identity theft), it is increasingly challenging to conduct an SSN search outside of using a lawyer or private investigator (and, even then, only in specific permissible circumstances). Fortunately, the design of the SSN – and some diligent work from people finder companies – provides another way.

lawyerPeople finder companies have done the work of every available public record all across the US – billions of them – and organized them together into an easy-to-search database.

Not only does it include every available government record, but also an address & phone number history (along with current address and phone number info) all linked together so that the smallest amount of information can be used to find any other related records.

For example, you can use just a name and last known city (or even just a state) to generate a complete background report of public records.  You can also search SSN records using the first 3-digits of a social security number (known as the “area numbers”) to generate results.  Try it below for free preview results to see just how fast and easy it is:

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A full background report will cost you around $10, but that’s a tiny fraction of what you would pay a lawyer or private investigator to run an almost identical search for you.

So, if you need to search SSN records, you can start right now and get results in just seconds. The information you need is available right now – just a few clicks and you’re ready to go!

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