How to Run an SSN Trace

If you’re trying to find someone in the US, a social security number trace (SSN trace) has long been considered the gold standard. Used by private investigators, lawyers, and law enforcement agencies, the SSN trace is considered the most accurate and thorough type of people search available specifically because of the social security number.

Why is the social security number important? To begin with, social security numbers are used for almost every official government record and court procedure. Marriage & divorce records, bankruptcies, liens, judgments and any other criminal records are all entered into public record with social security numbers associated with them.

In addition, social security numbers are collected and used by any credit-granting company.  That includes not only credit card companies and banks, but also virtually every company that you sign a contract with for billing (cable companies, phone companies, car dealerships, etc.). So, even if a person doesn’t have a mortgage, use credit cards, or have any recent government records, their movements around the US (as well as current address and contact information) can still be traced.

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So, the question becomes how to run an SSN trace. Well, here’s the bad news: because social security numbers are considered sensitive information, most companies that will perform an SSN trace using a social security number will only allow the professionals we previous mentioned (lawyers, police, etc.) to run a full SSN trace.

Obviously, depending on what you’re trying to do, you can hire a lawyer or private investigator to run the search for you, but they will often only do it for very specific official purposes – and often at a cost of hundreds of dollars.

Fortunately, public record databases that are open to the public provide out a way around the social security number issue. Our partner data company has compiled billions of public records – records that are updated daily – which includes all the same information a legal professional would get.  But, instead of simply organizing them by social security number, the information is also linked by name and address information.

So, even if you all you have is a name and an old city & state of residence, you can get a comprehensive background report that rivals the best SSN trace around (and at a tiny fraction of the price you would pay a PI or lawyer for the same info). Plus, you can get your results instantly with free preview results to ensure you’re getting the info you want.  It’s a no-lose option that gives you everything you’d want from an SSN trace without forcing you to overpay a lawyer or private investigator.

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