How To Find Public Records On A Person For Free

How do I Search For Information On Someone online?

In many respects, the whole issue of how do you search for information on someone is tied up with the current issue of the decade, if not the century: Privacy. The internet, an invention of the US government in the 90s has morphed into something we rely on, we use almost every second of every day and even our devices (think about the new iOS released in September 2018) now helps us restrict our time online.

We generally have a positive experience of the net. It’s amazing to be able to make a video conference call to someone 6000 miles away, or to access information we previously had to visit a library for almost instantaneously; however what we – as a public – are starting to realize is that this all comes at a cost for our personal information in form of: Big Data.

Big Data

In this article on the Software company SAS’s website “Big data” is explained in depth; however it essentially means a collected, organised vast data pool of information about us, the public, which is often for sale directly or indirectly. This is certainly a step forward in the question: How do I find public information on a person?

how to find public records on a person for free

This could be generated by items we “like” on Facebook or Twitter, or simply by visiting a website. Did you know, for example, that just by visiting a website which carries the “Facebook Pixel,” Facebook retains information that could be used to target adverts at us, for example. The website estimates that this tracking pixel is used on more than 8.4 million websites and the number is only growing daily.

I recently searched for a hotel room at a particular hotel, which I didn’t book but then saw an advert for the same hotel appear on numerous other websites I visited. This is amazing technology, but surely a bit scary for individual liberties?

See the following TedX video from the University of Southampton for more details.

Public Figures

How To Find Public Records On A Famous Person For Free

When it comes to public figures, they have always been easy to access information about. Be it in a newspaper, or a “who’s who” directory of prominent people, records of these people have always been relatively easy to find – more so in the days when each one has a Wikipedia page.

But think a bit further. Twitter, for example, is a much-used tool by people of fame, and it can often be very revealing and show private information to the public at large. One of the most famous tweeters of course is President Trump, who is famed for blasting out tweets on a very regular basis. This is a huge insight into the lives of the rich and famous that we simply did not have before the internet.

Private Individuals

How Do I Find Public Information On A Person?

What about the personal data of private individuals? Surely this is more difficult to obtain?

Not so.

I have already talked about the “Big Data” companies who have access to our friends, shopping habits, buying habits, what we like, what we dislike, what we get angry about, etc. But what about “small data,” to coin a phrase? How easy would it be for a potential spouse, employer or anyone else to obtain information about you?

The answer is very easy. Few people (I believe) understand the privacy settings of their Facebook accounts; “tweets” are largely open to public consumption, and public record information is curated (collected and organized) by many companies who offer the information for sale.

USA Trace provides information on how to find public information on a person as a service via our website. This information is collected sources such as: marriage records, census records, government websites, government agencies, data from the records office, etc.

It is easy to check preliminary results, and then should you require a full breakdown of data, it is inexpensive to go ahead and purchase this.

Why not test this out now and see how you can find public records on a person for free?

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