How to Find a People Search Engine

people search engineEveryone who uses the internet is familiar with search engines – websites like Google and Microsoft’s Bing are among the most visited sites in the world.

However, if you’re looking for someone, you may have found that normal search engines don’t work as well as you’d like and you’re looking for a more specialized people search engine. Well, look no further!

Traditional search engines “read” and sort pages out that are open to the world wide web in a process called indexing. When in comes to people’s personal information, there is often limited information that the search engines can index beyond the information people publish about themselves online, particularly on social media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and business/networking sites (LinkedIn, business websites with a “Team” page featuring staff members).  Though many people use these sites, there are still many that do not and – even if they do – rarely is there any real depth of information (nor is there any obligation for the person to be completely honest with the information they do include).

You might be thinking that things like criminal records, marriage/divorce records and other similar legal information are all public records and – in many instances – you would be correct.  However, just because certain records are technically available to the public doesn’t mean that 1) there’s any requirement that they be easy to find – or even available online at all and 2) that they’re available for free.  In truth, accessing the majority of public records usually means making a trip to a specific courthouse and paying a fee to have a record pulled.

That’s where people search engines come in.

phone numbersPeople search companies literally send people to courthouses and other county offices across the United States to physically compile every public record they can get their hands on.

This information is then put into digital record and matched with other records – including current address, phone numbers and other contact information – so that when you search for a specific person, all the available records can be compiled into an easy-to-read report instantly.  The records are updated daily so you can be sure you’re receiving the most up-to-date information available.

The only information you need is a name and last known city/state of residence (even if it’s old information).  In just seconds, you’ll receive a wealth of preview information to ensure that the engine has found the right person before you proceed with your report. You can try a search below:

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There is a cost for a report, but – at around $10 – it’s usually less than the cost of getting one record pulled at a county courthouse. Given that this kind of information is simply not available using a traditional search engine, it’s a worthwhile investment and – if you absolutely have to find someone and/or need a detailed background check – there’s no better way to do it!

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