How Do I Locate People Outside the USA?

In the US, a people search on one of the people finder websites can help you locate people in just minutes – you can even start a free people search below. Unfortunately, the same typically can’t be said for trying to locate people outside the US.

Locate People Outside the USAIn the US, people finder websites are able to use their vast databases of public records to provide information that helps to locate people – such as recent addresses, phone numbers and associates – as well as supplemental information to help you know more about the person, such as assets and criminal records.

The information available varies depending on the individual and the activities they’ve been associated with to produce these records as well as the individual laws of each state that govern what information is made public. The people finder websites that you use are also a factor as not all of them are committed to keeping their information up-to-date.

Just as the laws on public information vary between states, each country has their own laws as it relates to the information they allow to be made public and, ultimately, databased by their own versions of people finder websites (if they exist in those countries). The US has slightly looser privacy laws than many other countries, so trying to locate people outside the US is not usually going to involve a straight forward search.

Many countries offer an equivalent of online white pages, which allow you to perform a people search based on a name and general location. However, as with many free resources of this nature, many are not kept up to date, plus the general location requirement may not be something that is known to you, so it might be tough to know where to begin. Unlike the people finder websites that provide detailed reports, there’s also typically not enough context given for you to know for sure you’ve found the right person.

Locate People Outside the USAIf the person happened to have spent any portion of their adult life in the US, it may still be possible to leverage the power of people finder websites to locate people outside the US thanks to the supplemental information you receive in their comprehensive reports.

For example, many types of phone systems – such as Google voice numbers – are still perfectly functional overseas and would provide you instant contact with them.

The supplemental information also provided in the people finder comprehensive reports may also include relatives, associates and neighbors – all of whom may be invaluable resources in helping to locate people outside the US.  Most people finder websites provide free preview results, so – before you even pay – you can determine if you’re going down the right path.

Bottom Line: Trying to locate people outside the US can be difficult, but using US-based people finder websites can still be part of the solution.

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