How do I find a lost relative or find a lost friend?

lost friendBefore the Internet, finding a lost friend or relative would have been a very tricky proposition.  An outdated address wouldn’t help you much and even if you hired the services of a private investigator, who would know how to locate people,  it would still be a challenge.

The cost involved in hiring a PI may not be worth it if you’re only trying to find a friend or track down a missing relative,  out of curiosity. Even it you wanted to find someone at any cost, back before the Internet, it could take a private investigator weeks or even months to find someone.

Fortunately, sites like USA Trace and other people search websites allow you to trace people with relative ease.  All you need is a name (or possibly a maiden name for females) and a last known address (or even just a City and State) and you’re off and running.  Even if the last address you have is 20 years old, the advanced address search technology used by modern people search companies is able to run a people trace from there to the present. You can even start a free people search below – scroll down for details!

Here’s how it works – let’s suppose you  have a lost relative named Jonathan Archer and believe you even have his social security number.  Starting with the USA Trace SSN Search, you enter his name and the first three digits of his social security number (let’s say 016).

The results you get would look like this:

What we learn from this SSN search is that the first three digits of the social security number indicate that it was issued in Massachusetts, so that’s where our people search looked first.

Now, if one of those search results happened to be a match, just hit “Get More Details” and you’re all set!  But, in this case, let’s say you know for a fact that your Jonathan Archer is around 70 years old, which doesn’t match those preview ages given.  In addition, the last information you have is that he he was living in Montana.  In that case, you could run a USA Trace People Search with the name and state and this is what you would get:

Bingo – that looks like the Jonathan Archer we’re looking for!  Plus, with the free people search preview results, you can see that you’ll be able to get a recent address and phone number, so you can reconnect with your lost relative in just a few clicks.

With a USA Trace people search, you can easily find people in the US in just seconds and – with free preview results – you can be sure you’ve got the right person and will be able to get the information you need.

So, what are you waiting for?  Start your search now!

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