How Can I Perform a Social Security Number Lookup -

How can I perform a social security number lookup?

Question: How can I perform a social security number lookup?

How can I perform a social security number lookupThe answer to that question depends on what you mean.  If you’re trying to find someone or run a background check based on their social security number, then you shouldn’t have much trouble. You can even start an SSN Search below. If you’re trying to social security number lookup (i.e. the number itself), you might be in for a tougher time.

Social security numbers have become one of – if not the most important identifying number for US citizens. Originally issued for very specific governmental purposes, they’re now used broadly as a tax identification number for all governmental agencies and banks as well as credit agencies that collect information from utilities and other credit-granting businesses (i.e. virtually any businesses that you sign a billing contract with). Consequently, there is a lot of information associated with your SSN.

The benefit of this is that if you’re trying to perform an SSN lookup with a number you already have for the purpose of locating someone or learning more about them (with respect to criminal records, mortgage/housing information, etc.), you should be in luck. The only drawback is that you can’t just use Google or Bing to perform your search because SSNs are not public information (for good reason).

Instead, you’d have to hire either a private investigator or lawyer to run a background check or use a people finder website like USA Trace to run a public records search.  That would be faster and cheaper than hiring a professional private investigator – a  social security number lookup typically costs around $40 $10. If you don’t know a person’s social security number and you’re trying to find it, you’re most likely out of luck (unless it’s your own SSN, which you can contact the Social Security Administration about) though our SSN Verification tool may also be useful.

lawyerThat said, consider why it is that you need the number.  Are you trying to find someone or perform a public records search for possible criminal records or other public records information? If so, a comprehensive report from the people finder websites can do that for you with just a name and a last known address (or even just a last-known state).

If you need the SSN for a specific legal purpose, it may be possible for a PI or lawyer to perform this kind of search for you – you’ll just have to present a compelling case.

Bottom Line: You can perform a social security number lookup with people finder websites if you already have the number, but if you’re trying to find the number itself, you’ll need a PI or lawyer.

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