How Can I Find Someone Through Web?

Long before the mobile phones and the internet became the primary way of keeping in touch, people lost contact after a while since not everyone had the patience to write letters now and then. However, after a few years, you start missing your childhood friends or that relative who went abroad and has never communicated since. When you want to find out where they are, you do not have to track them down physically; there are free online tools to assist you.

All the same, you should note that you might have a hard time finding someone through the web if they have been remaining anonymous when they go online. It is possible since there are vpns specifically for chrome that offer double encryption security making finding a person through the web impossible. If the person you are looking for does not hide their location, here are some of the tools you can use to locate them.


Zabasearch is among the easiest tools you can use to find someone through the web. All you have to do is enter the person’s full name in the search box and wait for results. While you will get a lot of information through the search alone, you may find some pop-up asking you to pay for information. You should not pay anything because the information you get from Zabasearch is enough to let you know all or enough about the person you are looking for without any charges.


Since it is unlikely that all the information you need about the person you are seeking will be on one search engine, you should try using Google to increase your chances of finding them. The IP address usually enables tracking a person, and although it may not reveal the home address, it can give you their location. If using their IP address from an email they sent you ages ago you find out that they are somewhere in Texas, you can type “Mary Jane Texas” for better and refined results.


Almost everyone is on Facebook, which is among the largest social networking channels. Facebook is even helpful because if you have mutual friends with the person you are looking for, it will suggest that they might be a person you know. Further, using any other details you know about the person can help track them down. If you know which school they attended, the organization they work for or their email address, you can type it and begin the search.


Ever heard of the invisible web? Well, this is what makes Pipl different from other search engines instead of using readily available information, it access information that is not readily accessible from a typical cursory web search. However, the process is the same; you type in the names of the person you are looking for in the search box and wait for what Pipl offers you.


If at all the searches you are doing are not giving you any positive feedback, it could be that the person you are looking passed away. Consequently, in such a case, your best bet of finding the person is by looking through the obituaries, both online and offline. However, before you start your search offline, using the web will give a quick head start since it is not just free, but also you can do it in the comfort of your home.

Public Records

You can access public records for tons of information regarding the person you are looking for, but you should note that the kind of records you access depends on the state you are located. Some countries will not let you access marriage, birth, death certificates and other personal records of other people without you paying a fee and showing physical identification as proof. Once you can get into the public records, you might be surprised that the information is too much and can be overwhelming. When using, you will access all kinds of public records from state and local governments because you will find every agency handling public information here.


If you are searching for an efficient way to get the person you are looking for, ZoomInfo should be top of your list. This online tool uses various technologies to search through the web for SEC filings, press releases, and other sources of information. The tool goes further to arrange the information in a sensible and readable format such that even corporate headhunters can make use of the information. When you type in the names of the person you are looking for into ZoomInfo, you will get links from other websites that the person may have browsed which can be very useful for tracking them. Unfortunately, that only applies if the person has an online presence.


PeekYou can help you find someone through the web if they have done anything on the web. Most people surf the when through various social networking platforms, and usually they use the same username for all channels. If the person you are looking for uses the handle “Heaven-on-Earth,” then you can use this online tool to search for him because most likely they will have the same handle when browsing other web services.


LinkedIn is handy primarily when the person you are tracking uses it to update their career progress. You should, therefore, type in the person’s name in the LinkedIn search box, and you will find details about their professional affiliations previous employment details and current job.


Zillow only helps you if you have an address of the person you are tracking. Therefore type in their address, zip code and general area and the search engine will give you back all information regarding the real estate of the person you are tracking. Zillow will even go ahead to let you know about the value of the person’s house, houses in the surrounding area, and other relevant information.

Finding your loved one has never been easier, and with these online tools, you can get the person you have been craving to see with the touch of a button. While some of these tools are very efficient, you can use a combination of them to get better results. So, if you are looking for a lost friend or relative, take your pick and good luck in your efforts.