History of SSN and People Search & Background Checks

SSN and People Search – What is it? What is the history of the SSN and people search?

SSN and people search are two terms used together to indicate the use of a Social Security Number of an individual in finding him or her. But the question is to what extent are they related? Or can you really find someone by using their SSN or do you need to do additional background checks?

This article deals with answering these and other questions in order to enlighten you about the possibility of finding anyone you want or their background.

History of SSN and People Search

history of SSN and people search background checksBefore we delve into the relationship we talked about, let us begin with what really is an SSN.

A Social Security Number is issued by the Social Security Administration to the individuals of United States, including the permanent residents, citizens, and temporary working residents. It is a 9-digit number, and as you may realize every individual has a different SSN. It is like a fingerprint. Two individuals cannot have the same SSN.

The history of SSN is a peculiar one. It was first created in 1936 as a mechanism to identify and trace the wages of US workers and their social security. With time, it became evident that these numbers were of use in containing or organization all of the information about a citizen pertaining to his employment history in public records for better access. The base stone or foundation stone of SSN and people search was laid right from this point in time.

What really was a breakthrough in this realm was the Freedom of Information Act 1966, which made access to the public records through SSN even easier. Now as we see it, employers in the US, financial institutions, and specifically governments, and other public assistance programs use SSN to simply identify individuals, report your earnings to the IRS, and use it in state income tax reporting.

So, to sum up the history of SSN and people search and Social Security Numbers give us information about a person’s “past life”. Or to state it more profoundly, it is used to perform background checks.

How are background checks performed?

When we perform background checks, we, as a matter of fact, find an individual, his or her criminal record, marriage records, divorce records, lawsuits, past and current phone numbers, address (both past and current), property records, financial status or record, liens, any lawsuit, associations, and any other information. All of this information is contained in the public records and by the use of an SSN, we can access it.

Voila! Therefore, SSN and people search are related and sometimes interrelated.

You can use SSN to find any information about an individual that is a part of public records. But there’s a twist here and that is finding someone’s SSN.

How can you find someone’s SSN?

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By stating it simply, you could have it by asking that particular individual. However, if he or she disagrees to provide that, of course you will not find it from them. Yes, you could use “other ways”, but those ways are sometimes illegal and can be considered identity theft, which has, actually, grave repercussions for the perpetrators which we do not endorse in any way.

However, there’s a way to find information about someone without his/her SSN.

People Search

Yes, you can run a background check or find people without needing their SSN. This is a reality. Thanks to our access to the public records, this has been a possibility for decades. You can know where a person is, what is he doing, is he married or not, and each of the bits we stated above without delving into any major complexity.

How do we perform people search?

We use the same search engine and algorithms that use the SSN search. The masters of data research we’ve hired perform background checks by using some fields of information, including,

  • Name,
  • Last name, and
  • Last known state.

That’s it. Just these three fields of information and you’re done. A list of deeply combed information would be at your disposal in a snap.

But can you trust this information?

Absolutely. You’d get the same background information that you require whether for employment or other purposes. As we alluded to the fact above, it doesn’t matter if we’re performing people search by using SSN or not, we always ensure that the information provided to you in updated, relevant, and legal.

Our algorithms and search engines are deeply rooted with those of the SSA. Just by entering the required information, we provide people like you with valuable information.

So, if you are an employer, or anyone generally seeking the records of someone else, we’ve got you covered in the fields of SSN and people search.

What do we ask for in return?

We don’t ask for fortunes in order to give you all the relevant data. Instead, only a small fee does the job.

The benefits in return for a small fee doesn’t stop only with people search. In fact, it is only the beginning. What else you get is unlimited search options as a bonus.

Why do you need unlimited search options?

Although the results that you get from people search can include all the required information about a person even if he/she uses more than one names, you need unlimited search options in order to refine your search results or have additional information. These options would also help you in narrowing down your search result to only one.

While others might be just playing around to confuse you and then elicit more money, we guarantee rendering you all the information and the unlimited search options for a ridiculously small fee. You see, with us SSN and people search are a breeze!

A little something about us

I hope that this article has told you a bit about the history of SSN and people search. So here’s a bit more information about us. We’ve been talking about our specialty in doing background checks and more, but the question arises: how do we do it with such perfection?

The answer to this question lies in our experience.

We’ve been burning candles at both ends when it comes to providing our customers with valuable data that they seek about anyone. Whether it is a background check, SSN search, people search, address search, public record search, and any other kind of information, we’ve been the leaders in all of the record finding since 1997 – a period of over 20 years of satisfying customers with quality data combing.

The term quality barges in. Yes, we do provide quality, and that is evident from our success rate. Throughout the age of our firm, not only has our customer base increased, but we are getting more referrals than before, which summarily means that we’re doing a great job. People actively approach us. Our quality assurance is based on the fact that we use the same state-of-the-art techniques as used by investigative journalists, lawyers, detectives, and lawmakers. Those techniques involve unearthing records from reputable people search databases with a snap. On a lighter note, how’s this for quality assurance?

But this is not all. Since we believe in making data access a responsible and efficient process, we’ve teamed up with another reputable people finder company to assist us in obtaining the public record of a person with the requisite confirmation that you seek.

There’s even more.

We provide FCRA compliant information

We’ve talked about trusting the SSN and people search information we provide and here we’re going to present reasons for that.

If you are an employer, you may already know what FCRA is. For those, who don’t know what it is, let us delve into some definitions.

FCRA is Fair Credit Reporting Act. As you have guessed by its name, it is a regulation pertaining to the use of consumer information. Any consumer information obtained from any place should be FCRA complaint to be trustworthy; otherwise, it is nothing but a useless piece of jargon.

So, coming back to the employers, any employer seeking information about a potential employee has to see whether the information returned is compliant with the FCRA or not.

You see, we exercise prudence when it comes to providing FCRA compliant information. This means that unlike most websites, you can trust our information with closed eyes because we prefer quality over earnings.

Using our services actually saves you from myriads of problems.

  • You don’t have to wait for ages to receive records.
  • You don’t have to worry about the authenticity of the information.
  • You won’t be sued by a potential employee.

Let us focus on the third pointer.

How are you saved from being sued by an employee?

SSN and people search results should be FCRA compliant. We talked about this. What we haven’t mentioned yet is that it can save you from lawsuits.

Any consumer has the right to take you to court if—for example—you’ve denied him/her a position based on his/her non-FCRA-compliant information. You could face a lawsuit leading to a 5-year stature.

Everyone would want to avoid that. As a matter of fact, you can avoid that by using websites that provide value in terms of authenticity of information.


What we’ve talked about so far:

  • SSN and people search are related.
  • If you don’t have SSN, you can use people search.
  • You can perform background checks through either method.
  • We are a suitable option because we have an experience of over 20 years and our information is FCRA compliant, not to mention we’ve teamed up with a reputable people-finding agency.


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