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By definition, public records are records that different government agencies have determined should be made available to the public.

Getting a free public record search is possible – you can even run a free search below – but it’s important to understand the challenges associated with public records and the limitations of a free public record searches – especially as it relates to running a background check.

The first challenge is that the type of public records available are not always standardized and can vary state to state. Criminal records are typically available in each state, but driving records may not be included in the public records from each state.  Other information – such as a current address, current phone number or even birth date – may not be a matter of public record at all as it relates to government agencies.

The second challenge is that, even if the various state/county agencies are willing to provide the information you’re looking for, that doesn’t mean they will let you search for it online. More often than not, the fastest way actually means a trip in person to the specific county/state office – and, typically, a fee for each search.  And that, of course, assumes you know where to look because there’s no official central government public records search you can do to even find out where the public records you’re looking for will be.

That’s where people finder companies come in. They have already done the legwork – literally making the physical trips to all the county and state offices, pulling all the public records available for every person and matching it all in a convenient database.  Plus, they also add information from private, non-government sources and information combed from the internet.

As a result, people finder companies have literally billions of records you can search to get background checks or any other information you’re looking for on almost anyone in the US.  With just a last known City and State, they can dig into criminal records and other information from any state they may have lived in – even the ones you don’t know about.

The best part is that certain people finder companies will allow you to run a free public records search to ensure that the information you’re looking for is available. Looking for a current address or current phone number?  They’ll tell you if they have it before you pay a cent.

Looking for criminal records, aliases or other relatives? You get preview information so you know that you’re going to get what you need. Then, for less than what it would probably cost you to pull one record at one courthouse (around $10), you can get a full report.

Bottom Line: A free public records search is definitely possible; getting the full information in those records will cost around $10. Start your search for free below!

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