Find out If Someone’s Divorced

Statistics suggest that 40-50% of marriages end in divorce. At the same time, while divorce is increasingly common, it is also more common to meet people online these days.

It’s perfectly legitimate to wonder if a potential new partner was previously married and whether they are now officially divorced.

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Recent years have seen a few cases of bigamy coming to light through social media and at the same time, a rise in online dating. People pretend to be many things they are not on the internet, including unmarried or divorced. There’s no shortage of stories of people becoming involved with someone who claims to be divorced but is actually still married.

There are also instances when you might be concerned about a friend or family member getting close to someone you suspect may have a checkered past – or who are being a little too evasive about their history.

A painful truth is usually (ultimately) better than a comfortable lie – andthis is especially true when it comes to relationships. If your partner has a past that they’re not totally forthcoming about – or are outright lying about their marital status – it’s better to find out before wasting another moment of time and any further emotional investment.

Fortunately, marriage and divorce records are considered public records and are always registered in a court system somewhere. And, if it doesn’t happen to be in your local/county courthouse but is somewhere in the US, there are people search companies that have done the legwork to compile every public record available – from every county in every state – and organized them into an easy-to-search background check.  All you need is a name and last known city/state (or even just the current one) and the people search engine does the rest.

Not only can you get instant results concerning marriage and divorce records, you’ll also get any associated criminal records and other court-related information (bankruptcies, judgments, etc.).  In addition, you’ll get a list of past associates (usually people they’ve lived with) and past addresses so you can get a truly detailed background report and a better understanding of the person you’re interested in.  You can try a free search above.

relationshipFor around $10, you’ll either have the relief of knowing that any concerns you had were unfounded or you’ll spare yourself (or someone you love) a lot of undue pain.

And even if it’s something in between – like finding out new information – it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the relationship; it can simply open up some avenues of dialog that weren’t open before. There’s truly nothing to lose by satisfying your curiosity – and potentially a lot at stake if you don’t.

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