Find Lost Friends and Family

Finding lost familyPeople lose touch for many reasons. What can begin as just a little distance and time can quickly turn into a gulf separating us from people we used to be close to.  Whether it’s a relative, former classmate, army buddy or anyone else we’ve met along life’s journey, there are inevitable times when we’d like to reach out across those gulfs to reconnect in some way, but don’t even know where to start.

Television shows and movies often deal with the subject of missing relatives – from people seeking out their birth parents to others trying to find someone that seems to have simply disappeared. The quest to find that missing or estranged person is often fraught with obstacles, dead-ends, and other challenges as private investigators and other professionals attempt to trace the missing relative’s location. In both fictional and non-fictional accounts, the emotional journey often brings about closure or rekindles a lasting connection.

Here’s a really useful resource for finding lost family.

Though many of these accounts are dramatized or highlighted specifically because of the challenges involved in trying to find their missing relative, our individual quests to find loved ones often require help beyond a simple Google search or look in the phone book.

Our articles and posts below about finding lost friends and family can help jump start your journey to reconnect:

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