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Find Lost Family Members

Do you need to find lost family members? If so you’re in the right place.

It should be obvious really, but we would all benefit from knowing more about our long-lost relatives and family members? This CNN article shows that children benefit from this immensely.

How do I start finding lost relatives?

Essentially, like everything in life, there is an easy way to go about doing something, and there is a difficult way.

The difficult way to find long lost family might include:

  • searching libraries
  • using a genealogy web site
  • making your own family tree
  • reaching out to relatives you do know
  • checking social media accounts
  • running google searches
  • or even as a last resort hiring a private investigator – an extremely expensive option.

find lost family members

What is the easy way?

The easy way, without doubt, is to use a website like USATrace. We can conduct an incredibly extensive background check in just minutes. This will check census records, public records, phone numbers, email addresses and even criminal records.

All you need to start a search for family members is a Name, and (ideally) a last known state of residence. There will be constant information supplied along the way to give you clues as to whether or not you are looking for the right person. You won’t pay a thing until you are sure that our people search engine has found the correct person.

Many of our customers are amazed with the results they find. So why not go ahead and run a search – right now. There is nothing to pay until you are sure you have the right person.


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