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Ponzi Scheme vs Social Security – SSA Special Report

Editor's note: This is an archive of a report on Ponzi schemes that originally appeared on the Social Security Administration's website in January 2009. Reports & Studies Special Studies by the Historian's Office Research Note #25: Ponzi Schemes vs. Social Security The Real Ponzi Charles Ponzi was a Boston investor broker who in the early Read more about Ponzi Scheme vs Social Security – SSA Special Report[…]
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In the past, social security number searches have only been available to select, authorized groups. Fortunately, even if you’re not a legal professional or private investigator, you can run a thorough SSN-based search anonymously and cheaply (if not for free). And – if you don’t know a person’s social security number – you can still have success with even the bare minimum of information about the person you’re searching for.