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Ponzi Scheme vs Social Security – SSA Special Report

Editor's note: This is an archive of a report on Ponzi schemes that originally appeared on the Social Security Administration's website in January 2009. Reports & Studies Special Studies by the Historian's Office Research Note #25: Ponzi Schemes vs. Social Security The Real Ponzi Charles Ponzi was a Boston investor broker who in the early Read more about Ponzi Scheme vs Social Security – SSA Special Report[…]

What is an SSN Trace and how to verify an SSN Quickly.

A simple explanation: Simply put – SSN Trace (or in full Social Security Number Trace) is a public record search based on a US person’s social security number (SSN).  Social security numbers typically contain information about both the state and approximate time period when it was issued (see our free SSN Verification tool for help with Read more about What is an SSN Trace and how to verify an SSN Quickly.[…]

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Free Social Security Number Searches

In the past, social security number searches have only been available to select, authorized groups. Fortunately, even if you’re not a legal professional or private investigator, you can run a thorough SSN-based search anonymously and cheaply (if not for free). And – if you don’t know a person’s social security number – you can still have success with even the bare minimum of information about the person you’re searching for.