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skip trace

What is a Skip Trace?

A skip trace (or skiptrace) typically refers to the process of finding the location of someone – usually with the implication that the person does not want to be found. While a skip trace is most readily associated with law enforcement, it’s possible to run your own skip trace by…

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How to search SSN Records

When you’re trying to search SSN records, you might automatically think of going to a lawyer or private investigator. Fortunately, most of the information found in an SSN search are actually public records – and you can run a search online right here.

How to Find out if Someone is Divorced

Is someone who claims to be divorced potentially still married? Is a person you care about with someone who’s elusive about their past? Whatever your reason for wondering, finding out if someone is divorced can be figured out with just a few clicks…

People Finder

How to Use a People Finder for Free

If you’re searching for someone, it’s possible to use a people finder for free to receive valuable information that can help you in your quest. All you need is a name and last known city and state (or even just the state) to get started – you can start your search right here.


How do I find out if someone is married?

Every day, someone inadvertently gets into a relationship with someone who’s married. Whether you’re concerned for yourself – or concerned for a friend or family member entering a relationship with someone – you can easily put your mind at ease or confirm your suspicions with…