April 3, 2017

Background Checks

background checksEmployers and private investigators have been doing discrete background checks for decades using proprietary databases of information.  In recent years, this information has migrated online and background verifications that used to take days or even weeks can now be completed instantly.

The internet has also had a profound effect on how we do business and meet new friends. Nowadays, it is not unusual to make business contacts or build romantic relationships entirely online. People can talk to virtual contacts for months or even years without ever meeting them face to face.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for someone to create a fake online persona – from fabricated resumes and work experience on LinkedIn to Facebook and dating site profiles built around pictures plucked from the web. There have been too many sad – and even tragic – stories in the press of people who have been burned in business deals or in matters of the heart as they fall prey to an online scam. Before wasting time, risking money – or potentially your life – on someone who you only know by their digital identity, quick and discrete background checks are often a wise investment.

We have published many posts over the last couple of years on the various methods and processes involved in checking anyone’s background, including when and under what circumstances it is legal to do so and what data you need to get started.

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