USA People Search

The fastest way to conduct a USA People Search starts with knowing where to search – and there’s a good chance it’s not where you might automatically think.

Rather than leave you in suspense, you should know that you can actually start a USA People Search right here and get free, instant preview results.  All you need is a name and a last known city and state (even an old one will do):

Start your SSN Search for free to get contact info, criminal records and more.

Find anyone in the USA. Search by name, last known city and state. Get phone, current address, criminal records & more.

Most people start with search engines, such as Google and Bing, but quickly find they aren’t able to run a people search the way they would search for just about everything else.  The reason has to do with the nature of public records.

Whether you’re just trying to run a basic people search or if you’re looking for a complete background check, most of the information you’re interested in (criminal records, marriage/divorce records, etc) is probably part of the public record as recorded by a local government office.

The problem for regular search engines is that virtually none of the county governments/courthouses in the US make this information available to Google, Bing or any other ordinary search engine.  In fact, most of the information isn’t available online at all – it’s only available if you physically walk into the specific county courthouse to request the information.  On top of that, the information usually isn’t free –   a single record can easily cost $15 or more.

Fortunately, people search companies have done the legwork – literally! – to collect all the available public records in the US to allow for a comprehensive USA people search. Their database of billions of records (updated daily!) can be searched using just a name and last known city and state combination.

In just seconds, you’ll receive free preview results detailing an approximate age, past cities/states of residence and some known relatives/associates so you can be confident you’ve got the right person.  From there, for around $10, you’ll receive a comprehensive background check that includes a current address and phone number, an address and phone number history, criminal records, marriage/divorce records, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, etc.).  The full report is available in less than a minute.

So, while Google and Bing are great for getting information about the vast majority of things, when it comes to a USA people search, trust a specialized people search engine to get the job done for you.  There’s no other way to get the same kind of comprehensive as quickly or as cheaply.

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