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The Subject's Name Is And Their 9 Digit SSN Is . The Fee To Find Information Within
The National Investigative Database Related To , Based On their SSN, will Be a Fee Of $37.99

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Social Security Number Search

The Subject's Name Is And Their 9 Digit SSN Is . Would You Like To Verify That This Is 's SSN?

Wouldn't You Also Like To Search The National Investigative Database To Verify Or Reveal;
  • Date and Year SSN: was issued
  • Automatically Detect and Flag If 's SSN: Has Been Used In A Death Claim File
  • 's Address from SSN:
  • 's Address history for the last 7 years, possibly up to 10 years including Months and Years All Addresses Were Used by
  • Possible Age and Year of Birth of
  • Possible Spouses May Have
  • Possible Relatives May Have
  • Any Bankruptcies May Have
  • Any Judgments and Liens May Have
  • Property Records That May Have
  • Any Listed Phone Numbers May Have
  • Other Names and or SSN's Being Used By
  • Possible aka's (Names may have used with other marriages or aliases)
  • 's Neighbors and Their Addresses Including Any Listed Phone Numbers They May Have
  • Address History For Other Names and Or SSN's Being Used By
  • If SSN: Is Being Used By Anyone Else and Who It Is, Along With Their Address History For The Last 7 Years Possibly Up to 10
How A Social Security Number Trace Is Conducted

First 's social security number is entered into a National Investigative Database. The primary information that is returned from a social security number search is derived from archived Major consumer reporting agency records. This information comes from the top portion of credit reports called the "header", where identifying information about the individual is contained. Specifically, address information. Accessing this information is undetected by the subject and they are never notified.

This is by far the single most powerful effective search in existence. Why? Because SSN's are the greatest source of identifying information on an individual thanks to Uncle Sam. Yep, Big Brother wants to keep track of your every move (literally). Just keep in mind Various activities from can provide address information, Year of birth , aka, and others associated with 's SSN. Or others who have used 's SSN, and addresses (like a spouse, roommate, friend, etc.) without them even knowing this will be compiled with the bureaus. This goes way beyond your traditional credit application. Now days more and more companies are needing your ssn for just about anything and this information will eventually end up with the bureaus. This report can return all reported addresses for and possible listed phone numbers for the last 7-10 years. Often times 's age and YOB ( year of birth) is also returned . The SSN: will be identified as a valid or invalid number and provide the year and state the social security number was issued in. Also what is really great about this report is if tries to use a SSN that is different than their own, 9 times out of 10 this is immediately flagged, and will provide their real SSN and the new social security number they are using along with any addresses has used with them as well. The same applies with AKA'S (other names might have been using) will show up on this report too! In addition, many times spouses will show up on this report also. Oh, and if is trying to hide by using a social security number that was issued in a death claim file, this will be flagged instantly!! This report can also provide you with addresses and listed phone numbers of neighbors for each of the addresses returned, any Judgments, Liens, bankruptcies, may have, as well as Property Records. See "Personal Profile" for 25% more crucial information on or to search by an old address (no more than 7 years old) that may have previously used.

First 's social security number is entered into a National Investigative Database derived primarily from archived major consumer reporting agency records. The SSN: is then cross referenced with billions of other records( yes I said billions) to reveal 's reported addresses, listed phone numbers, and neighbors of theirs.

Our reports do not stop there! They are much different than a typical social security number search ,which will only provide you address information.

We will also automatically search other National Databases for information may have. Including judgments, Liens, bankruptcies, Property Ownership, Others who may have used the addresses of (like a spouse, relative, friend, roommate). Verify that the SSN: is valid and which state and year the ssn was issued to them. Listed phone numbers for each address, There is no other report of its kind!

Just look below at what a typical report can return. Don't be fooled by other agencies! If they don't say a SSN TRACE includes all of this information then 95% of the time they don't! The remaining 5% of the agencies who do offer this search are charging as much $79.00, There is no other report of its kind anywhere for our price!!

Here's How This Report Can Help You
Quickly Verify/Validate 's SSN: With the SSA (social security Administration) and archived records of a Major Consumer Reporting Agency

Quick Example: You have one of your parent ('s) SSN: which you obtained years ago but had no idea how to use this number to find your parent until you came across Fast-Track. So you run the SSN: through the National Investigative Database and quickly determine that your parents SSN: was used in a death claim filed with the SSA in 1994 for benefits. You just determined that your parent is in fact deceased and can now have peace of mind to your parents whereabouts.

Quick Example: You are hiring and want to verify 's SSN: and obtain some additional info on . You run the SSN Trace and quickly determine the SSN provided you was incorrect and was just issued in 1997. You decide not to hire fearing they have something to hide. You also just saved yourself a headache with your taxes.

Obtain 's Address As Reported To A Major Consumer Reporting Agency

Quick Example: You are looking for an old friend named that you used to live with. You found 's SSN: on an old paystub laying around in some boxes. You run the SSN: through the National Investigative Database and quickly learn of 's new address based on their SSN:.

Here Are A Few Samples Of What People Are Saying About Our Social Security Number Searches

Thank you for the info. It contained everything I needed.!! My husband's ex-wife moved and, in direct violation of a court order, would not disclose her new address so that he could have access to their three children. The court system is so slow that it would've been four months before we found them. With Fast-Track, we found them in one day.

CINDY- New Hampshire


Dear Sirs,

I want to thank you for fast reaction on my search request. It contained the information what I was looking for for a long time. I tried to do this search at 1-800 US search but they only returned the exact information I had given them. Docusearch denied my order because i don't live in the USA. I was desperate. You provided me with the information I needed for a very reasonable price and within a few hours! I will tell al my friends about you. Birgitta.



Excellent information which was truly worth my $38! Thanks again!!!

Mike Keenly



I have tried to do other searches and I have paid TONS more and received only very very old information! Thank You so very much!!!!


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