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Locate people, address searches, conduct Background Check All In One! Trace Debtors/Dead-Beat's!

This is the most comprehensive report known available on an individual. Background checks can be used by companies or individuals and are commonly used to verify identities and reveal information about employment applicants, nannies, someone your dating, or if your just unsure about a certain person.This report can return complete background information on an individual by providing information from a multitude of sources including credit bureau headers,voter registrations,assessor records,civil court filings,bankruptcy filings,property ownership,drivers license files,corporate filings,telephone white pages,mailing lists and many more.

National Investigative Database First the subjects social security number is entered into a National Investigative Database. The primary information that is returned from a "Personal Profile" search is derived from
a Major consumer reporting agency archived records. This information comes from the top portion of credit reports called the "header", where identifying information about the individual is contained. Specifically, address information. Accessing this information is undetected by the subject and they are never notified. This report will reveal the subjects addresses and ssn's used by the subject within the last 7 years.Then each of the addresses, names and ssn's are criss-crossed through over 2 billion other records to obtain an absolute powerhouse of information to locate and identifying people, assets and reveal background information that is critical for investigating. The information obtained in this report can quickly help you establish new leads for tracking down hard to find skips.This extensive report picks up where the "SSN Trace" left off and brings you approximately 25% or more crucial information that so many skip tracers,investigators, and attorneys use in everyday practice to quickly locate anyone anywhere!! There is no other report of its kind anywhere for this price!! Companies who do offer this search are also charging as much as $139.00.

Just keep in mind that the various activities of a person can be a source of information on a person's whereabouts or background. Today it is a generally accepted standard that companies request your ssn for just about anything, and this information will eventually end up with credit bureaus or various government and public agencies. This report can return the subject's last updated address or a current address if there has not been a recent move, a list of previous addresses within the last 7-10 years, listed phone numbers over the last 7-10 years, other names the subject has used, and the subject's age and year of birth. In addition, a partial SSN will be identified and it will be classified as a valid or invalid number, and you will be provided with state and year in which the social security number was issued. If there has been any fraudulent activity on the part of your subject or anyone else (another person that may be using your subject's SSN), this report will likely reflect that. For
example, if a subject tries to use a SSN that is different than their own, 9 times out of 10 this is reflected on the report. The report will also show all SSN's the subject has used (first 5 digits provided). At USATrace, we often see cases where a person is using the SSN of a person that is deceased or invalid. If your subject is trying to hide by using a social security number that was issued in a death claim file, this will be flagged instantly!! Employers may find this a very useful tool when hiring persons that may be working illegally in the United States. This report can also provide you with addresses and listed phone numbers of neighbors for each of the addresses returned, any Judgments, Liens, or Bankruptcies your subject may have, as well as Property Records. See "SSN Search" if you have a social security number and wish to purchase the same report using the SSN.

Our reports do not stop there! They are much different than a typical social security number search, which will only provide you address information. We will also automatically search other national databases for many other types of information the subject may have. Judgments, Liens, Bankruptcies, Driver's License Records (depends on state), Professional Licenses, Sports Licenses, Motor Vehicle Registrations, Boat Registrations, Relatives, Real Property Ownership, Businesses the subject may own, Other Associated Persons, and more.
Don't be fooled by other agencies that may only provide you with the last updated address the subject may have. Many companies providing the same type of information are charging between $79.00 and $140.00 for this information. There is no other report of its kind anywhere for this low price!!

Here Is How This Report Can Help You

Help you cross reference and verify information that you have previously obtained on your subject

Quick Example: Joe Q. Public says he has lived in TX all his life with SSN of xxx-xx-yyy and his DOB is 12/01/41.

You run the report on Joe and quickly determine the subjects SSN is correct however his address history indicates he has lived in California, Montana and Florida with the YOB of 1946. You now have questions regarding your subjects credibility

  • The report can quickly help you obtain new information on your subject

Quick Example: You run a report based on Joe Q. Publics' SSN or by Joes Address

The report reveals Joes address history for 7 years. The report verifies Joes SSN as being a Valid number and that Joe was born in 1947. The report reveals Joe has also used the last name of Consumer . The report reveals some relatives of Joes'. The report also determines Joe owns numerous Properties(homes) accross the U.S., has filed for bankruptcy in 1997, has a tax lien against him for $22,000 in 1995, has a judgment against him for $500 in 1993, Joe has a pilots license for commercial and private planes, Joe owns his own plane and a 50 ft. vessel.

  • The report can tell you if other individuals have, or are using the subjects SSN

Quick Example:Joe Q. Public had a nasty divorce. He lost most everything to his X-wife. He makes good money and the judge felt she should get most everything because Joe was more fortunate has good credit and could probaly get just about anything he needs financially.

Joe decides to run a Profile on his ex wife because he suspects his wife may be using his credit or personal information to better herself. Its been 2 years since Joes Divorce, but he has suspicions. So Joe runs the Profile and quickly determines that his X-wife has indeed used his SSN and is still using the address they shared when they where married 2 years ago. Her Name with HIS SSN also appears on her address history within the last 6-8 months as indicated on the report

  • The report may reveal others Associated with your subject

Quick Example: Sally Doesn't know much about her new boyfriend, but for peace of mind, and to gather a little more info. than she already knows about Tom, she runs a Profile. She new an old address he had lived prior to the address he is at now. She couldn't find his SSN on any old paystubs laying around to run the Profile on, So she used the old address, and Toms first and last name,to run the report.

Sally runs the report and quickly determines that another female name appeared on Toms Profile using the same address he was at before. Coincedental, but that female name was the same name as one of Sallys co-workers friends. Sally just determined by running the Profile that this female was actually living with Tom prior to their new relationship and actually owned the home together according to the Property Record on the report.

  • Quickly verify/validate subjects SSN with the SSA(social security Administration) and the the 3 major credit bureaus

Quick Example: Joe Q. Public has the SSN of his father he obtained years ago but had no idea how to use this number to find his father untill he came across USA Trace. So Joe runs the Profile and quickly determines that his fathers SSN was used in a death claim filed with the SSA in 1994 for benefits. Joe just determined that his father is in fact deceased and can now have peace of mind to his fathers wherabouts

Quick Example: You are hiring an individual and want to verify his ssn and obtain some additional info on your subject.

You run the Profile and quickly determine the SSN the new hire provided you was incorrect and was just issued in 1997. You decide not to hire the subject fearing he has something to hide.You also just saved yourself a headache with your taxes.

  • Obtain your subjects current address as reported to the three major credit bureaus

Quick Example: Joe Q. Public is looking for an old friend. He does not have their SSN or even an old address to update through the profile. All he knows is the persons name and the town they use to live in. He does know the individuals middle initial and approx year of birth.

Joe runs the Profile based on his friends full name, approx year of birth and the town and state he used to live in. Joe quickly learns of his friends new address based on the limited criteria.

There are many other scenarios of how the Profile can help you. We have seen just about every scenario from individuals who have ordered the Profile. Click Here to read several more real scenarios.

However there are things which will not show up on the Profile. I have listed the most common asked about items farther below.

Returned Information From National Investigative Database Search

This information can be located in the National Investigative Database with a previous/current address or with a social security number. The database contains records from hundreds of public and private sources, and information from over 20 different categories can be located for your subject. Information on those categories is located below. This information is then compiled into one comprehensive report. Investigators, law enforcement, employers, attorneys, mortgage companies, banks, and many others may all find our reports useful.

Our service has been utilized for many reasons such as locating a loved one, finding a long lost friend, compiling a directory for alumni, and researching a subject's background for business reasons or due diligence.

A Report May Contain the Following Information:

• Subject Summary
• Others Using SSN
• Address Summary
• Voter Registrations
• Professional Licenses
• Pilot Licenses
• Sport Licenses
• Weapon Permits
• Real Property Assets
• Boats
• Aircraft
• Bankruptcy Information
• Judgments/Liens
• UCC Liens
• Potential Relatives
• Business Associates
• Person Associates
• Neighbors

**Please note, all of the above are searched for every subject, but a report may not always contain every category above. For instance, a subject that does not have real property will not have a real property section in his/her report.

Subject Summary: This section includes the subject's last updated full name according to public records, the last updated address in public records, and any listed phone numbers under the subject's name or at the subject's residence.

Others Using SSN: For every report ordered, we conduct a search in the National Investigative Database to determine whether your SSN has been used by others.

Name Variations: This section may include name variations the subject has reported to public agencies and our other sources in the last 5-10 years.

Address Summary: We will search for previous addresses used by the subject and compile them into a list on the report. Please note that addresses from more than 5-10 years ago may not always be located. Also be advised that addresses where the subject resided as a minor will not be included unless the subject also resided at the address as an adult within the last 5-10 years. Only addresses the subject has previously reported to public agencies or our other sources will be included.

Voter Registrations: Information provided here will depend on on the state. This section may include the address under which the registration was submitted, a partial SSN, a partial DOB, race, whether the registration is active or inactive, and political affliation.

Professional Licenses: Professional and Occupational licenses will be included in this section along with registrant information, registration date, expiration date, and license status. The information provided will vary depending on the licensing board and state.

Pilot Licenses: Information regarding record type, certification, class type, date, expiration, type of pilot, level of pilot, and aircraft rating may be provided in this section.

Real Property Assets: Information here may include owner information, parcel number, recording date, recording information, land value, property value, assessed value, loan information, and sale information.

Boats: The information contained in this section will depend on the state, but may include information on the state, registration number, registration issue date, vessel make, use, propulsion type, vessel year, hull identification number, length, owner information, and title information.

Aircraft: Information on aircraft registered in subject's name. The information contained in this section will depend on the state, but may include the state where the aircraft is registered, registration number, registration issue date, and registration expiration.

Bankruptcy Information: We will perform a search in national bankruptcy database and report any bankruptcies found in subject's name.

Judgments/Liens: All services involve a nationwide search for judgments and liens under the subject's name. Information that is contained may vary but can include date of judgment, amount of judgment, recording information, and the parties involved.

UCC Liens: Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) liens cover personal property used as collateral by a debtor to secure a loan. This section may include UCC liens filed with the Secretary of State or the County Registry of Deeds. Examples of UCC liens you may see here include but are not limited to liens on fixtures, timber to be cut, or extracted minerals.

Potential Relatives: We run a nationwide search for potential relatives. Please be advised that there may be times relatives are not located or only a partial list is returned. If we do locate information on a person that is linked as a potential relative to your subject, that relative will always be found in the report.

Business Associates: If the subject you are seeking is tied to a
business that is registered in public records, the information on that entity will be listed on the report.

Person Associates: This section may list any individuals that you may have done business with either directly or indirectly such as selling a registered item. Other potential reasons a person may be found in this section is a direct or indirect link has been established, for example, roomates that signed a lease together.

Neighbors: We will provide a list of neighbors near the subject's last updated address if this information can be located in the database on potential neighbors.

Ordering a report also allows you access to some of our free investigative utilities.

Here are a few samples of what others are saying about our reports

Thank you for the info. It contained everything I needed.!! My husband's ex-wife moved and, in direct violation of a court order, would not disclose her new address so that he could have access to their three children. The court system is so slow that it would've been four months before we found them. With USA Trace, we found them in one day.

CINDY- New Hampshire


Dear Sirs,

I want to thank you for fast reaction on my search request. It contained the information what I was looking for for a long time. I tried to do this search at 1-800 US search but they only returned the exact information I had given them. Docusearch denied my order because i dont live in the USA. I was desperate. You profided me with the information I needed for a very reasonable price and within a few hours! I will tell al my friends about you.Birgitta.



Excellent information which was truly worth my $35! Thanks again!!!

Mike Keenly



I have tried to do other searches and I have paid TONS more and received only very very old information! Thank You so very much!!!!


Access The National Investigative Database Now!!
Items that will not appear on the Profile:
  • Banking Information (now illegal to obtain)
  • Criminal Records (must be searched from the courthouse for accuracy, database searches will only reveal index and file numbers)
  • Wants and Warrants (signed release form required from subject for hiring purposes only)
  • Divorce Records (must be searched through the courthouse)
  • Marriage Records (must be searched through the courthouse)
  • Medical Records (Private information)
  • Military Records
  • E-Mail addresses (not related to "public record information"
  • Employment- No such database
  • Full SSN'S (privacy reasons-unless provided to us)
  • Full DOB'S (privacy reasons- unless provided to us)
  • Full DL#'S (privacy reasons- unless provided to us)
  • Credit Report/Credit Bureau Information

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Report posted on site within hours (typically within 1-5 hours) if ordered by 6:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. Orders after 6:00 p.m will be processed between the time you ordered and the next day by 12:00 p.m. All Searches Are Legal and Completely Confidential! There is no way any search can be traced to you! Information is unavailable on minors.
Please be advised that all user activity on the site is monitored and IP address information is logged. At USATrace we take fraud seriously and any order associated with fraud will be directed to the Internet Crimes Bureau. Our fraud policy and policy on chargebacks and reversals are found in Sections 5 and 6 of the Terms and Conditions that are presented to you when you order a report.

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